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Since once-mighty CD Baby abruptly closed its music store without notifying artists (and threw away unsold CDs - thanks guys!), I'll now be posting music here. If you're interested in copies of my CDs: Tone without Tension and Eye on Orion, send me an email and we'll work something out.



  • "Eye on Orion"
  • "All This For That"
  • "Cream For Your Coffee"
  • "Fragishe Flute (radio edit)"
  • "Fragishe Flute (trance dub)"
  • "Fragishe Flute (techno mix)"
    Performed by Syzygy (Albuquerque, NM):
    Sherilyn Urben: cello, fiddle, voice
    Cleve Sharp: flute
    Tom Stewart: percussion
    Rob Huffman: guitar, voice, synth
    "All This For That," "Eye on Orion," © 2020, Robert Adra Huffman.
    "Cream For Your Coffee," © 2020, Cleveland Sharp.
    "Fragishe Flute," © 2020, Sherilyn Urben.



  • "As I Walked Out"
  • "Cam Ye O'er Fra France / Boban John"
  • "Brink's Garage" (live)
  • "Mustwee / Vernon Street March" (live)
    Performed by Riverbend (Worcester, MA):
    Myra MacLeod: fiddle, tambourine
    Ron Carlson: octave mandolin, voice
    Mary Carfagna: cello
    Rob Huffman: flute, guitar, mandolin, voice

    "Cam Ye O'er Fra France / Boban John," "As I Walked Out," traditional.
    "Brink's Garage," © 2000, Robert Adra Huffman.
    "Mustwee" and "Vernon Street March," © 2000, Robert Adra Huffman.

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